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These are Highly recommended career paths for you as your Career Interest and Career Abilities are high.

Sr No Interested Cluster Action
1 Emergency Services & Disaster Management
Fire Fighters, Emergency Specialist, Disaster Management
2 Sports person
Sports Person,
3 Environment & Natural Resources
Environmental Engineer, Geologist
4 Indian Army
Lieutenant to General
5 School Teaching
School Teacher, Primary Teacher
6 Nurse & Medical Assistant
Nurse, Assistant
7 Optometry
Optometrist, Ophthalmic, Optician
8 Audiologist
Speech-Language Pathologists
9 Homeopathy
Homeopathy Doctor, Consultant
10 Physical trainer/ Coach
Physical Trainer, Coach,
11 Sports Physiotherapy
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
12 Geology
Marine Geologist, Mineralogist
13 Plants & Agriculture Research
Agriculture Scientist, Crop scientist
14 Indian Navy
Sub Lieutenant to Admiral
15 Librarian/ Education administration
Education Administrators, Librarian, Coordinators
16 Therapy Science
Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist
17 Operation Theater Technician
Anesthesia & Operation Theater Technician
18 Secondary Teacher
Secondary Teachers, School Principal
19 Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer, Coach, Motivator
20 Animal Science
Animal Scientist, Veterinary doctor, Fishery
21 Food Products and Processing
Food Scientist , Nutritionist
22 Archeologists
Archaeologist, Historian, geology, anthropology,
23 Biotechnology
Biological Scientist, Lab Research, Biologist,
24 Politics and International Relationships
Political Advisor, IR Expert
25 Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Public relations Specialist, Corporate Communication
26 Microbiology
Bacteriologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Microbiologist
27 Biochemistry
Biochemist, Bio technologist, Clinical Scientist
28 Agriculture Engineers
Agriculture Engineer, Agriculture Officer
29 Zoologist
Wildlife Biologist, Zoologist,Habitat Biologist
30 Clinical research
Clinical researcher, pharma research
31 Fishery Biologist
Aquaculture, Fish Hatchery Manager
32 Alternative Medicine
Ayurveda Medical Officer, Unani Specialist
33 Dentist
Dentist, Dental Surgeon
34 Liberal Arts
Sociologist, Psychologist, artist
35 BPO
Call center, Technical Support, Customer Service
36 Human Resources
HR Manager, Recruiter, Trainer
37 Marketing
Marketing Manager, Product marketing
38 Fine Arts - Drawing and Painting
Fine Artist, Illustrator, Portrait Artist, Sculptor
39 Accessory Design
Jewelry Designer, Gemology, Earrings Fabricator
40 Performing Arts
Actor, Singer, Musician
41 Product Designing
Product Designing, Lifestyle Product Design
42 Web Designer, UI and UX
Website Designer, UI, UX Expert
43 Creative Writer
Creative writer, Story teller
44 Advertising and Communication
Advertising Managers, Brand Managers
45 Airhostess
Airhostess, Cabin Crew, Flight Steward
46 Sociology
Social Worker, Human Rights Worker, N.G.O Volunteer
47 Mentor and Coach
Mentor, Guide
48 Clinical Psychology
Depression Counselling, Anxiety
49 Geography
Cartographer, GIS Expert
50 Counselling Psychology
Career Counsellor, Behavioural Counsellor, relationship Counsellor
51 Home Science
Healthcare Industry, Teaching and Research
52 Event, Entertainment & Hospitality
Event Manager, Hospitality Manager
53 Hotel Management
Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager
54 Culinary Arts
Chef, Food Expert
55 Anthropology and Archaeology
Applied Anthropologist, Applied Archaeologist
56 Fashion Designing
Fashion Designer, Stylist, Costume Designer