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These are Highly recommended career paths for you as your Career Interest and Career Abilities are high.

Sr No Interested Cluster Action
1 Commerce with Information Technology
Software engineer,Coder, Programmer
2 Creative Writer
Creative writer, Story teller
3 Medical Data Management
Medical Transcription , Clinical Data Manager,
4 Photography
Photographer, Photo editor, Special effects
5 Physical trainer/ Coach
Physical Trainer, Coach,
6 Fine Arts - Drawing and Painting
Fine Artist, Illustrator, Portrait Artist, Sculptor
7 Editor, Copy-writer
Editor, news writer
8 Fashion Designing
Fashion Designer, Stylist, Costume Designer
9 Accessory Design
Jewelry Designer, Gemology, Earrings Fabricator
10 Cosmetology
Cosmetologist, Stylist, Beauty Expert
11 Culinary Arts
Chef, Food Expert
12 Interior Designing
Interior designer, Home decor expert
13 Product Designing
Product Designing, Lifestyle Product Design
14 Geography
Cartographer, GIS Expert
15 Alternative Medicine
Ayurveda Medical Officer, Unani Specialist
16 Therapy Science
Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist
17 Liberal Arts
Sociologist, Psychologist, artist
18 Forest Officer
Forest Officer, Forester
19 Law Enforcement Service
IPS, Police Officer, CID Officer
20 Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer, Coach, Motivator
21 School Teaching
School Teacher, Primary Teacher
22 Mass Communication & Journalism
Journalist, Radio Jockey, Media Anchor
23 Sports person
Sports Person,
24 Optometry
Optometrist, Ophthalmic, Optician
25 Mentor and Coach
Mentor, Guide
26 Audiologist
Speech-Language Pathologists
27 Emergency Services & Disaster Management
Fire Fighters, Emergency Specialist, Disaster Management
28 Performing Arts
Actor, Singer, Musician
29 Multimedia, Animation, Gaming and VFX
Animator, 3D Artist, Game Designer, Special Effects
30 Interpreter & Translator
Foreign Language Interpreter, Language Translator
31 Anthropology and Archaeology
Applied Anthropologist, Applied Archaeologist
32 Medical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Laboratory Technician, Pathologist
33 Public health administration
Public health advisor, Program coordinator, Policy Analyst
34 Medical Radiology Technician
Radiology, X-Ray Technician
35 Counselling Psychology
Career Counsellor, Behavioural Counsellor, relationship Counsellor
36 Pre-Construction and Landscape Designing
Interior designer, Landscape Designing
37 Home Science
Healthcare Industry, Teaching and Research
38 Politics and International Relationships
Political Advisor, IR Expert
39 Sports Physiotherapy
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
40 Sociology
Social Worker, Human Rights Worker, N.G.O Volunteer
41 Indian Army
Lieutenant to General
42 Bio-medical Engineering
Bio Medical Engineer, Artificial Teeth, Limb Technician,
43 Automotive Design
Automobile Engineering, Automobile Designer
44 Advertising and Communication
Advertising Managers, Brand Managers
45 Marketing
Marketing Manager, Product marketing
46 Hospital Management
Health Information Management, Practice Administrator, Program Manager
47 Web Designer, UI and UX
Website Designer, UI, UX Expert
48 Homeopathy
Homeopathy Doctor, Consultant
49 Environment & Natural Resources
Environmental Engineer, Geologist
50 Indian Air Force
Flying Officer to Air Chief Marshal
51 Indian Navy
Sub Lieutenant to Admiral
52 Animal Science
Animal Scientist, Veterinary doctor, Fishery
53 Travel & Tourism
Travel Consultants, Tour Managers
54 Graphical Designing
Graphical Designer, Logo designer, Print Collateral Designer
55 Clinical Psychology
Depression Counselling, Anxiety
56 Retail Management
Retail Manager, Brand,Warehouse Manager
57 Professional Sales
Sales Executive, Sales Head, BDM
58 Construction
Civil Engineer, Construction Engineer
59 Geology
Marine Geologist, Mineralogist
60 Video game Designer
Videogame designer, Coder
61 Human Resources
HR Manager, Recruiter, Trainer
62 Logistics & Supply Chain
Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager
63 Professor
College Professor, Trainer
64 Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Public relations Specialist, Corporate Communication
65 Wedding Planner
Wedding Event Manager, Event Consultant
66 Maintenance/ Operations Management
Project Manager, Construction Manager,
67 Entrepreneurship & Management
Entrepreneur, Business head
68 Sports Administrative Services
Sports event Manager, Club Administrative Manager
69 Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist
70 Dietitian
Dietitian, Nutrition Expert
71 Event, Entertainment & Hospitality
Event Manager, Hospitality Manager
72 Aviation Management
Airport Field Operations and Management, Aviation Administrator
73 Secondary Teacher
Secondary Teachers, School Principal
74 Commercial Pilots.
Commercial Pilot; Flight Trainer
75 Dentist
Dentist, Dental Surgeon
76 Sound Engineering/Design
Recording Engineer,Sound designer
77 Fashion Technology
Apparel Production Manager,Purchase and vendor manager
78 Forensic Science
Forensic Scientist, Forensic Toxicologist
79 Plants & Agriculture Research
Agriculture Scientist, Crop scientist
80 Technical training
Technical Trainer
81 Merchant Navy
Marine Engineer, Marine Consultant
82 Nurse & Medical Assistant
Nurse, Assistant
83 General Physician
Doctor, Physician, Surgeon
84 Ethical Hacking
Security Architect, Ethical Hacker
85 Hardware and Network Systems
Network Analyst, Network Consultant, Network Engineer
86 Industrial Design - Technical
Technical appliances Industrial designer, Automotive design
87 Staff Selection Commission (SSC)
Income tax officer , Audit Officer
88 Visual Merchandiser
Fashion Communication, In-Store Marketing Associate
89 Robotics and Electronics
Robotics engineer, electronics engineer
90 Quality Control, Planning and Management
Production Manager, Quality manager, Inventory Manager
91 Apparel Merchandising & Management
Fashion Management,Fashion Brand manager
92 Fishery Biologist
Aquaculture, Fish Hatchery Manager
93 Operation Theater Technician
Anesthesia & Operation Theater Technician
94 Architect
Architect, Interior Designer, Structure expert
95 Microbiology
Bacteriologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Microbiologist
96 Manufacturing
Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer,
97 Nano Science and Technology
Nanofabrication Specialist, Professor
98 Food Products and Processing
Food Scientist , Nutritionist
99 Dairy Technology
production officer, Quality officer
100 Airhostess
Airhostess, Cabin Crew, Flight Steward
101 Physiology
Physiologist,Bio-medical Scientist
102 BPO
Call center, Technical Support, Customer Service
103 Engineering & Technology
Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electronics Engineer,
104 International Business
Foreign Trade Manager, Import and Export Management
105 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS Expert -Techinical, Remote sensing
106 Mobile App Development
Android Developer, IOS Developer, App Developer
107 Agri Business Management
Agriculture Sales & Marketing Officer
108 Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance
109 Agriculture Engineers
Agriculture Engineer, Agriculture Officer
110 Chemical Engineering
Petro-chemical engineering
111 Financial & Investment Planning
Investment Banker, Financial Planner, Advisor
112 Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Engineer
113 Genetics
Genetics Professor, Genetic Research Associate
114 Hotel Management
Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager
115 Civil Administrative Services
IAS Officer,IFS Officer other Administrative services
116 Physics, Astronomy & Scientist
Research Consultant, Research Physicist, Research Scientist
117 Banking and Related Services
Banking Manager, Financial Manager, Tellers
118 Internet of Things ( IOT)
IOT Network engineer, IOT Network & Communication engineering
119 Biotechnology
Biological Scientist, Lab Research, Biologist,
120 Administrative and Operations Support
Operations Manager, Administrator, Customer Support
121 Archeologists
Archaeologist, Historian, geology, anthropology,
122 Librarian/ Education administration
Education Administrators, Librarian, Coordinators
123 Pharmacists
Pharma Research, Chemist, Medical Representative (MR)
124 Bioinformatics
Bio-statisticians, Bio-metrics
125 Biochemistry
Biochemist, Bio technologist, Clinical Scientist
126 Clinical research
Clinical researcher, pharma research
127 Business Analyst IT
Business Analyst, Business Intelligence, Operational Analysts,
128 Business Financial Management
Financial Analyst, Financial Managers
129 Project Management -IT
Project Managers, Project lead
130 Business Financial Management
Financial Analyst, Fraud Examiners Analysis, Risk Analyst
131 Project Management
Project Managers, Project lead
132 Company Secretary
Company Secretory, Compliance manager
133 Company Secretary
Company Secretory, Compliance manager
134 Chartered Accountant
Accountant, Auditor
135 Actuarial Science
Actuaries, Insurance Claims Clerks, Underwriters
136 Legal Services
Advocate, Corporate Lawyer, Legal Adviser
137 Business Analytics
Business Data Analyst, Marketing Research
138 Cost Accountant
Cost Accountant, Cost Consultant
139 Business Management Information Technology
Business Analyst, System Admin
140 Economics
Economist, Foreign Trade
141 Air traffic controller
Airport traffic controller, GPS Navigator, Operations Control Tower
142 Software Testing and Quality
Software Testing Engineer, Database Management,
143 Big data and Analytics -IT
Big data engineer, Data architect
144 Indian Economic Services (IES)
Ministry of Finance, Niti Ayog
145 Programming and Software Development
Software Programmer, Team Leader , Product Manager
146 Block chain engineer
Block-chain developer, Software developer